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The biggest liars around

The biggest liars around

by Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis -
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Mercator projectionDid you know that some of the biggest liars around are maps? All maps try to misinform you but not in the same way. Some maps (like the one on the left) lie about the size of the continents and other maps lie about distances. It's all due to the fact that we are trying to project a sphere (i.e. the surface of the Earth) on a flat sheet of paper and it's no easy task!

There are many techniques to do that but none of them is perfect. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Selecting which one is best for you is a matter that needs to be considered carefully because the visual representation of an actual object is so influential on the human brain that you might draw the wrong conclusions. So, keep in mind how your map is lying to you and how you can use it best at all times.

Why don't you ask your Geography teacher to tell you more about maps? You can get a little bit better informed about them by reading about their advantages and disadvantages or by watching the video below.