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Getting ready to take the Lower exams?

Getting ready to take the Lower exams?

by Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis -
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KPGStudents who are interested in taking the KPG (National Foreign Language Exam System) Lower (B2 Level) exam and want further help in preparation for the exam, should contact me so they can be registered for and given access to the KPG: B Level in English online course.

The course offers all past papers for KPG B Level exam in English and allows students to familiarize themselves with the format of the exam as well as test their knowledge and skills. Module 1 (Reading comprehension and language awareness) and Module 3 (Listening comprehension) are checked electronically and students can receive feedback as soon as they submit their answers. Module 2 (Writing and mediation) will be checked, corrected, and returned to you by your teacher of English. So, a little bit more time is needed for this process to be completed depending on the number of students submitting work to be marked.

All in all, there are ten (10) complete test packs available on line, which means you'll have to work your way through:

  • Ten (10) Module 1 quizzes (approximately 90 activities)
  • Ten (10) Module 2 assignment sets (40 writing tasks)
  • Ten (10) Module 3 quizzes (approximately 60 activities)

That's enough work to get you well-prepared and ready to face any kind of activity that might be thrown at you in the exam room. So, make sure to send your teacher a message, get registered, and start working today.

It goes without saying that your teacher will be available to support you through the ordeal, answering any questions and solving any problems you might face.